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Non-Refundable deposit for male toupee


Image of Non-Refundable deposit for male toupee

You are now entering a contract for Deenaturalhair to make a custom hair piece for you. A phone or an in person consultation has been given and or offered and by making this initial payment you have agreed to all terms and conditions described. This non-Refundable deposit towards the final total is your confirmation for your purchase. Please note that most orders are not in stock and are customized to the size and length chosen. Orders that are not in stock need time to create. Approximately 4-5 weeks to pre order the unit and then make your unit. Some orders can be done sooner and some will take longer. Anything beyond five weeks will be discussed as info comes in. To expedite the process please be available to answer all questions as needed. A email or an in person description of your measurements will be needed to process your order.
Deposits & payments for toupee/wigs are non refundable. So if you decide to cancel your order or not complete payment, the monies paid will be paid to cover the fees that were associated with us starting this order for you. The deposit paid for the custom toupees/wig cannot be used to offset another puchase. The deposit will be considered forfeited if your order is not paid in full. This policy is binding to all orders.